Text Neck Syndrome

OOOh, this one is an epidemic that not only causes neck pain & headaches but also the precursor for the dreaded hump back. There is always the domino effect when it comes to posture, and well, most likely in everything. When the neck comes forward, the muscles in the front of the neck (anterior) become short & tight, where they often become inhibited (neurologically not connected well) so then the poor muscles of the back of the neck (posterior) have to compensate & do the anterior necks job too. They get over worked, tight & often painful. The same sort of imbalance can occur if the chin is up. Of course there is a happy place in the middle & from there the chin is to drawn straight back (transverse) toward the neck. Try it!

  1. Lower your chin toward your chest & observe the muscles of your neck. The front is short & the back is tight, right?!
  2. Now raise your chin toward the sky. The back is short & the front is tight, right?!

Lower your chin now to a neutral position in the middle & press your chin back toward your cervical spine. This lengthens the back of the neck & keeps the front activated to achieve muscle balance.
Some ways of preventing ‘The Text Neck”are:

  1. Raise your device higher so that you can maintain a neutral chin/neck posture.
  2. Basically, be aware of this epidemic & choose to put some conscious attention there & adjust accordingly!
  3. There is also this helpful device that can help train you to maintain a balanced neck posture. When your neck goes forward, it gives you a gentle vibration to alert you. It’s training time!

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